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Game-changing adhesives that make packaging easier. As an industry-leading adhesive formulator, we go to great lengths to gain a comprehensive understanding of our customers' evolving business needs and challenges. Meeting these challenges has led us to create a new wave of innovative adhesive solutions that will enable new packaging applications in:

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Advantra® hot melt case and carton adhesive The flagship Advantra packaging adhesive line is our leading high performance brand that provides a sealing advantage at extremely high or low temperatures.

Liquamelt® adhesive system This revolutionary solution is the packaging industry's first low density adhesive system capable of delivering a cool on delivery, hot on-demand, formulated with 40% sustainable raw materials, liquid rapid set adhesive.

The Liquamelt Adhesive System in action, Pack Expo 2012 Innovation Stage Presentation

Download the Liquamelt® adhesive system brochure (English PDF)

Flextra® flexible packaging laminating adhesives Our family of solventless, solvent-based and water-based adhesives and primers for high performance flexible packaging converting. 

Flextra Fast™ flexible packaging solventless laminating adhesive Solventless adhesive solutions that allow a flexible package to be laminated, slit, pouched and shipped, and then filled and shipped with finished goods in as few as two days.

NEW Flextra® flexible packaging  laminating adhesive for large pouches Solventless adhesive solutions that help to toughen the overall structure of large format pouches, helps you increase the size and reduce supply chain damage. Contact us.

New Flextra for large format pouch Pack Expo 2012 Innovation Stage Presentation

NEW Swift®tak polymer-based container labeling adhesive This new polymer-based adhesive can bond substrates at all speeds and with all known paper types, satisfying demands from both operational and procurement stand points. 

Download the Swift®tak At-a-glance brochure (English PDF)

Clarity® hot melt container labeling adhesives Hot melt container labeling adhesives that have the adhesion and strength required for challenging end-use applications.

LiquiLoc® water-based container labeling adhesives Using unique in-house polymer technology, H.B. Fuller has developed a  range of high performance synthetic container labeling adhesives.

NEW Adalis High Modulus Sesame® tape Want to reduce losses from damaged fruit? Product claims? Replace plastic and styrofoam containers? Try New High Modulus Sesame® Tape. This unique product boosts the performance of corrugated produce trays and RSCs through improved strength and shape integrity—even in challenging environments. Contact us.

Download the Adalis High Modulus Sesame® tape brochure (English PDF)

Adalis Sesame®  tape Reinforcement solutions that strengthen critical high-stress carton areas such as hand holes, reducing both carton failure and weight; well-suited for cold and wet environments.

Adalis Open-Sesame® system Retail packaging opening systems that allow shipping containers to be used as attractive displays and easily opened, allowing for consistent brand messaging and shortening shelf re-stocking time.

Advantra Encore™ hot melt case and carton adhesive This new proprietary technology platform provides a hot melt solution with performance surpassing traditional packaging hot melt technologies including metallocene-based and EVA.

Other Solutions for North America and Latin America:

Clean Melt™ hot melt case and carton adhesives Low service temperature adhesives combine high mileage, low maintenance, and powerful adhesion to create a well-balanced cost/benefit ratio.

Flextra Quiet™ noise reducing flexible packaging laminating Adhesive An innovative adhesive technology formulated to help resolve the challenge of noisy sustainable flexible packaging. 

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