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NEW Sustainable solution enables single and limited-use product innovations

Our aqueous dispersion technology allows disintegration to be controlled by pH


Today there is a growing need for “resource smart solutions.” At the same time, any new solution must perform equal to or vastly better than traditional products to be considered a viable alternative. For paper, nonwoven and similar products, high performance often means remaining strong during use, and then disintegrating quickly for efficient and friendly disposal. 

It gets even more complex than that, however. For polymeric materials, high performance means having a stable supply, ease of use in manufacturing, and stability during shipment, right up to the time of use. During use, polymeric materials must impart strength with no or minimal impact on other desired properties. After meeting these performance characteristics, the end product must break apart readily when exposed to different conditions. 

H.B. Fuller’s patent-pending pH-driven polymers address these challenges. They act and perform like traditional aqueous polymers with one major difference: When exposed to pH 7 or greater conditions, they lose strength and break apart or disintegrate. Our technical experts understand the conditions at which this technology works the best and can work with you to tailor solutions that factor in your specific requirements.

Imagine what new products can be created using this innovative technology.


  • Dried/cured polymer film integrity is compromised but does not readily disintegrate when combined with 0.9% aqueous solution NaCl
  • Aqueous polymer can be applied to a substrate through saturation, gravure/curtain/reverse roll coating or spraying
  • The suggested environment for curing provides enough heat and turbulent air flow to allow the substrate to reach 110-130C
  • Polymer does not contain any phthalates or heavy metals
  • Polymer is both APEO and formaldehyde-free
  • Polymer is free of any Substances of Very High Concern
  • Polymer is experimental and has a patent-pending status
  • R&D quantities are available upon approval

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