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polyurethane adhesives
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H.B. Fuller Urethanes, Epoxies and other Reactive Chemistries

About H.B. Fuller Urethanes, Epoxies and other Reactive Chemistries

We offer a wide range of high-performance, reactive chemistries based on urethane, solventless and epoxy technologies. As pioneers in hot melt and liquid moisture curing polyurethane adhesives (PURs), we include two-part polyurethanes, one and two-part epoxies, solventless, and polyurethane dispersions (PUDs). Our products serve diverse adhesive and sealant needs for filtration, panel assembly, door, flooring and window applications. Our combination of knowledge and innovation deliver the product performance customers need and can simply improve and speed up the manufacturing process.

As a leader in reactive adhesives, we invest heavily in technology throughout our global laboratory network and continue to build on our extensive family of patented technologies. Our globally deployed capability of simulating our customers' manufacturing conditions means that we can tailor products to meet local needs. Our global base of reactive laboratories, product lines and manufacturing capability makes us unique. 

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