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Woodworking Adhesives

Partner with a team that understands your need for state-of-the-art adhesive technologies, innovative processes and lean six-sigma tools.

Cabinet and Countertop Adhesives

image of wooden kitchen cabinets

Enhance your production efficiency and throughput targets with our Rapidex® reactive hot melt adhesive that supports your lean manufacturing operations. We deliver high performance and overall value with our innovative polyamides and polyurethane adhesives.

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Composite Panel Adhesives

Experience the latest adhesive advancements for laminating materials to create composite panels. With varying cure rates, open times and other advanced properties, our Rapidex® reactive hot melts offer advantages in green strength and continuous processing while our water-based Rakoll® formulation enhances laminating and wrapping of unsupported polyvinyl chloride (PVD) film.

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Furniture Glue & Adhesive

image of a wood office desk

Meet increasing consumer demand for high quality, low cost, sustainable options, greater variety and exotic woods with our smarter furniture glue and adhesive technologies from our versatile product line. We partner with you to understand your needs and recommend the right solutions.

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Millwork and Profile Wrap Adhesives

image of a wooden spiral staircase

Put our knowledge of EVA and reactive hot melt adhesives to work for you. We collaborate with you to find just the right adhesive for your application.

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Transportation Adhesives

image of a wood panel inside an recreation vehicle

Improved productivity, shorter lead times, less waste, reduced downtime and lower unit costs are the results we are striving for with our transportation adhesives. Browse our Swift®lock reactive hot melt adhesive, Swift®bond liquid reactive adhesive, Swift®therm hot melt adhesive, Swift®melt pressure sensitive hot melt adhesive and Swift®tak water-base adhesive products to meet your transportation applications. 

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Plywood Adhesive Coated Solutions

Gain improved wood recovery and reduced unit costs at the composer through a package of specialized tapes and strings, patented adhesive application equipment, process improvement tools and expert service.

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Catch the Wave of Solar Innovation

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Catch the latest wave of innovations for Solar in:

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  • Integrity and Longevity

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Start to Finish in as Few as Two Days

Laminating Web with Film

New Next Generation Flextra Fast Solventless Laminating Adhesive System for flexible packaging converting focuses on speed and versatility with one advanced formulation. With Flextra Fast adhesives, a package can be laminated, slit, pouched and shipped, and then filled and shipped with finished goods— in as Few as Two Days

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