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General Assembly Adhesives and Laminates

When you want answers and solutions for your evolving general assembly adhesive and general assembly laminate needs, we’re positioned around the globe as your local partner for innovation, performance and knowledge.

Our general assembly adhesives and general assembly laminates are perfect for air filter adhesives, appliance adhesives, engine/oil/air filter adheisves, liquid separation filter adhesives, textile adhesives, solar panel adheisve and foam & matterass adhesives.

Air Filter Adhesives

close up image of an air filter

Meet increasing consumer demand for cleaner air with our filtration adhesives that help you create innovative solutions. With a dedicated team and a versatile product portfolio, we are committed to helping you improve your products and processes.

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Appliance Adhesives

image of stainless steel apliances in a kitchen

Leverage our knowledge and expertise in developing new adhesives that address your evolving application technology and processes. Our formulations enhance your speed and efficiency in tough applications and demanding substrates like plastic, fiberglass, nylon, rubber, foam and hard-to-bond metals.

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Engine, Oil and Air Filter Adhesives

image of an two oil filters

Benefit from our years of experience formulating innovative filtration adhesives for multiple technologies in the air and oil filter market.

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Liquid Separation Filter Adhesives

image of a water droplet

Partner with us to address the challenges of automation, production optimization and reduction in cycle times head-on with our new or improved adhesive technologies and patented innovations.

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Textile Adhesives

image of a fireman in front of a fire truck

We have years of experience in developing fabric/textile glues and adhesives that meet todays diverse standards and demands in the textile industry worldwide. We follow the complete process, from textile finishing to tailoring for multi-functional and technical fabrics, providing you with the best bonding and laminating solutions available.

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Solar Panel Adhesives and Sealants

image of solar panels

TONSAN’s silicon sealants and adhesives protect each module from the influence of external environment. Around the world, each photovoltaic power station operates safely and reliably, from Washington state which is known for its mild climate, to Huelva which has a Subtropical-Mediterranean climate, to the hot Maas Dahl desert, or even in Bavaria which is influenced by a complex seasonal climate. TONSAN has been leading the way of PV sealing and bonding industry with its experience and efforts.

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Foam and Mattress Adhesives

image of a bed

Work on eliminating VOC issues, creating more sustainable products and reducing hazardous materials inventory with our water-based formulations for mattress converting. Our pressure-sensitive hot melt adhesives provide both residual and non-residual tack levels, depending on the application process.

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Laminating Web with Film

New Next Generation Flextra Fast Solventless Laminating Adhesive System for flexible packaging converting focuses on speed and versatility with one advanced formulation. With Flextra Fast adhesives, a package can be laminated, slit, pouched and shipped, and then filled and shipped with finished goods— in as Few as Two Days

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