Innovative Care

Innovative Care: The Foundation of Our Adhesive Solutions

A baby wearing only a diaper, representing disposable hygiene products and nonwoven adhesives in the baby and infant care market.

The hygiene market continuously has evolving demands, including less odor, a lighter product, a thinner core, and an overall more flexible and more comfortable nonwoven adhesive. At H.B. Fuller, we have a long history of using the most innovative adhesive technology to meet those demands, time and time again. We tailor our processes to ensure we create products that leave customers happy—that’s what innovative care means to us. Whether we are improving our performance modeling techniques or our global technical capabilities, we consistently test and fine-tune our adhesive solutions. Our commitment to innovative care has proven to perform both in the product and on the production line, reducing in use costs.

Innovative Care in Adhesive Technology

An elderly man and woman happily riding bicycles together, representing disposable hygiene products and nonwoven adhesives in the adult care market.

Our customers continually seek innovative ways to improve moisture management in the products they develop. H.B. Fuller stepped up to this challenge. We developed two distinct adhesive technologies: water-based superabsorbent polymers and hot melt superabsorbent polymers (Hydrolock™ Superabsorbent Hot Melt). Each of these adhesive solutions approaches moisture management in different ways.

Rather than pursuing substitution of traditional moisture management materials, our scientists worked to provide another option to deliver absorbent properties and facilitate creation of value added absorbent hygienic constructions. These materials absorb moisture, channel fluid, and deliver barrier properties at strategic construction points within absorbent articles. Plus, they facilitate thinner designs (which continues to increase in importance in the disposable hygiene industry for the baby and infant care, feminine care, and adult care markets).

Interested in improving the performance, design and the consumer appeal of your products? Request the Innovative Absorbent Technologies white paper here.

State-of-the-Art Laminating Capabilities

A smiling young woman carrying a shopping bag, representing disposable hygiene products and nonwoven adhesives in the feminine care market.

The hygiene industry continues its drive for product differentiation and increasing line efficiencies. H.B. Fuller answered this call with state-of-the-art laminating capabilities to accelerate our commitment to innovative care and provide outstanding diagnostic capabilities. We offer full production line simulation and flexibility in running speeds and applicators, operated by our industry experts. Read more here or watch this short video about our latest investment for the hygiene industry—a new high speed laminating coater with the versatility to run a whole variety of hygiene substrates, including elastics, stretchable laminates, foams, and hook bands. This new equipment, designed using the latest in adhesive technology, complements our existing full scale lab coater and simulates the line speeds of today and tomorrow.

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