A baby wearing only a diaper, representing disposable hygiene products and nonwoven adhesives for baby and infant care. Two smiling women, representing disposable hygiene products and nonwoven adhesives in the feminine care market. An elderly man and woman smiling together, representing disposable hygiene products and nonwoven adhesives in the adult care market. Specific application and specialty care adhesives image.

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Nonwoven Adhesives Solutions from Our Family of Hygiene Adhesives

Demand for nonwoven, high-performance adhesives continues to increase as the need for disposable hygiene products, such as baby diapers, training pants, feminine protection, and adult incontinence products, grows across the globe. Adhesives may only contribute to a small percentage of the total materials used in nonwoven adhesives and other hygiene products, but they are playing a more fundamental role in delivering the enhanced functionality required for innovation, and for meeting the changing demands of end users. H.B. Fuller, a leading global adhesives provider, will guide you through the adhesives solutions that work best with your disposable hygiene products.

Product Innovation in the Hygiene Industry

Today, the hygiene industry is driven by product innovation designed to answer the call for less waste, improved absorption, thinner cores, and most importantly, greater fit and comfort. Along with these changes, the development of nonwoven adhesives, and their role in the transformation of products in the hygiene market, cannot be underestimated. With more raw materials to choose from, more processing variables, more application techniques, and greater collaboration between manufacturers and suppliers, nonwoven, high performance adhesives are at the very core of hygiene innovation.

The H.B. Fuller Experience

With over 40 years of pioneering adhesive solutions in the hygiene market, H.B. Fuller knows what matters to customers: to bring nonwoven, high-performance adhesives and superior disposable hygiene products to the market. At H.B. Fuller, we recognize that you need a partner that has global research and development capabilities and problem-solving power; a partner that can help deliver the products your customers want and the end-to-end support your business needs. We are that partner. Whether you are manufacturing baby and infant care products, feminine care products, adult care products, or specific application and specialty care products, you can rely on H.B. Fuller.


Our Full-Care® Philosophy

As a global industry innovator, with superior technical expertise, our Full-Care solutions offer more than high performance nonwoven adhesives. It offers innovative care, supply care, technical care, economic care, and global care. You can rest assured with our five pillars of Full-Care. We've helped hygiene customers imagine, create and design adhesive solutions that touch people's lives in simple yet profound ways. Whether H.B. Fuller is new to you or you've been working with us for years, we invite you to explore connectingwhatmatters.com or watch our corporate brand video. See for yourself why our passion lies in perfecting nonwoven adhesives and see our pride in the difference our disposable hygiene products make.

Celebrating the everyday difference disposable hygiene products and nonwoven adhesives make

Consider how the hygiene market has changed for the better, thanks in part to nonwoven adhesives innovations. Less waste. Improved absorption. Thinner cores. Greater fit and comfort. The list goes on. For more than 40 years, we've helped hygiene customers imagine, create, and design adhesive solutions that touch people's lives in simple yet profound ways.

Conforma™. Stretching Your Possibilities

H.B. Fuller’s new and unique Conforma stretchable adhesive adapts comfortably to a world of individual shapes and sizes. Our solution offers exceptional comfort, performance and cost-effectiveness and will be a perfect fit for today’s hygiene market. Discover more.

Introducing ODOGard®. Game-changing Odor Elimination Technology

The hygiene industry has long been searching for the answer to odor control within its products that is truly effective. ODOGard® is a transformational way to eliminate urine malodor quickly. By eliminating odor molecules, not masking them, ODOGard provides fast, long-lasting performance for your adult incontinence or absorbent pad products – making them an all-round better choice. Discover more.

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