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NEW Flextra Quietâ„¢ flexible packaging adhesive resolves challenge of noisy sustainable flexible packaging

NEW Flextra Quiet 1000 flexible packaging adhesive is H.B. Fuller’s first water-based adhesive technology specifically formulated to address customer concerns about the noise level of flexible packaging produced with NatureWorks LLC’s Ingeo (PLA) based laminations. While this adhesive can be used to laminate renewable PLA (poly-lactic acid) film, it is also formulated for other films currently used in the growing sustainable flexible packaging arena.

Take Your Sustainable Flexible Packaging Forward

Enlist H.B. Fuller’s focus on perfecting adhesives and our pilot facility capabilities for your next sustainable flexible packaging initiative. With our full production-scale Nordmeccanica Super Combi 3000 laminator installed in our pilot facility, we can trial Flextra Quiet and our other innovative Flextra™ water-based, solvent-based or solventless formulations for your specific application—while you stay up and running in your plant.

Download the Flextra Quiet™ At-a-glance (PDF English)

See how we collaborated to reduce the noise of compostable flexible packaging (Video)