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Set new expectations for your Electronic and Assembly Materials partner.

Experience a materials partner who can help you drive what’s next. 

Today’s electronics have to perform in increasingly harsh and demanding environments. You need more than a materials supplier – you need a materials partner with proven expertise in the electronics assembly space. A partner who can formulate, manufacture and deliver a tailored solution for high-value electronic circuits and assemblies that need to operate in the most complex, challenging applications. 

At H.B. Fuller, we leverage our 126 years of experience as a global adhesives innovator, manufacturer and solutions provider to help customers imagine, create, design and produce both today's and tomorrow’s electronics. We’ll work with you to determine your needs, then provide a tailored solution that includes process development and technology deployment. Our technical experts will review the material options available, match products with your requirements, provide samples and assist with application test builds – either in our labs or at your facility.  We have also partnered with industry experts in the electronics assembly space to offer broader, end-to-end solutions in addition to the materials and process technologies we’re known for. 

The broadest solutions in the industry

We pride ourselves on ensuring the products and technologies we offer comply with the most stringent codes and regulations. Our material solutions have been formulated and tested for the following:

  • Harsh environment protection
  • Superior abrasion and vibration resistance
  • Optimum flow characteristics
  • Strong adhesion to a wide variety of substrates over broad temperature ranges
  • In-line manufacturing process capabilities
  • High-volume production capability

High-performance and reworkable reactive hot melts

Our proprietary chemistry combines the processing advantages of traditional hot melts with the performance attributes of thermosetting adhesives.

  • Designed for portable devices with narrow-frame bonding
  • One component – no need for mixing
  • Excellent dispensing performance for a 0.2 mm bead line
  • Reworking residue is easily removed
  • Available in black or translucent versions
  • Store and cure at room temperature
  • Fast, superior adhesion on a wide range of substrates

Highly resistant potting compounds and encapsulants

Superior adhesion, strength and protection on a variety of surfaces in the most challenging applications.

  • Low-viscosity options to eliminate gas entrapment
  • Excellent wicking properties – suitable for surface mount components
  • Low modulus for superior vibration resistance
  • Strong resistance to salt water and Fuel C – ideal for marine, automotive, industrial and aerospace applications
  • Superior performance at low and high temperatures
  • Resistant to age hardening
  • Meet UL, VO, NSF and FDA requirements

Versatile adhesive films

Innovative, high-performing thermoset films offer superior adhesion in complex, dimensional applications to a variety of surfaces.

  • Heat sealable, curable, and flexible film adhesive
  • High-peel strength, even at elevated temperatures
  • Heat resistant after 24 hours
  • Excellent adhesion to difficult surfaces (such as plastic, metal and textile) and low-energy substrates
  • Low-bond line temperature processing
  • Outstanding performance on complex 3D geometries

Multi-purpose equipment solutions

Precise dispensing, easy installation and automatic control components that meet a variety of production process needs.

  • Patent Application Code: 102204793
  • Compatible with any material, including hot melt adhesive, UV glue, epoxy, two-component materials, COB materials, conductive adhesives, aluminum paste and instant glue
  • Accommodates automatic control components such as cylinders, grippers and vacuum nozzles for different process needs
  • Offers fine-line dispensing (200um with needle type G27 and G28)
  • Precise temperature control and unique heating component at needle tip prevents clogging
  • Dual digital display with positive and negative pressure for easy reading and recording
  • Vacuum feature ensures good dispensing quality and prevents dripping

Work with the materials partner who can help you create the products of tomorrow.

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