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Packaging Reinforcement and Containment

Our fully integrated packaging reinforcement and containment systems add strength to critical stress areas of a box, bin or tray so you can reduce board weight and final package cost without sacrificing performance.

Packaging Reinforcement and Containment Products

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Sesame® Tape for Trays CONTACT US
Market: Packaging
Application: Packaging Reinforcement and Containment
Used For: Improved performance of corrugated trays
Technology: Adhesive Coated Technology
    Features and Benefits:
    • Potential to lower board weights
    • Increase compression strength 
    • Improve performance of tray design 
    • Multiple widths, tensile strengths and melt points available 

Sesame® High Modulus Tape for Trays CONTACT US
Market: Packaging
Application: Packaging Reinforcement and Containment
Used For: Improvement in performance of corrugated trays even in humid environments
Technology: Adhesive Coated Technology
    Features and Benefits:
    • Offers superior strength to weight ratio 
    • Improve stacking longevity
    • Low elongation characterisitcs, resisting deformation and strain
    • Improve bulge resistance
    • Bottom Sag Reduction
    • Maintain compression on hand holes without increasing board weight 
    • Reduce damage from fluctuating temperature and humidty conditions 
    • Endures transit vibration
    • Multiple melt points available 

Adhesive Coated Tape Application Equipment

Tape Application Equipment With the full strength of our innovation, performance and knowledge behind you, H.B. Fuller works tirelessly to design and manufacture reliable application equipment to help you in your process.  Our application equipment is designed to be easy to use, efficient for your process, easy to maintain and durable even in difficult environments. 

Sesame® Equipment H.B. Fuller manufactures equipment to dispense tapes and strings into the box making process.  A typical corrugated system will include both a dispenser to hold and stage the rolls and a beam that inserts into the corrugator to accurately place the tapes.  They are designed to be rugged, but also for convenience and for ease of maintenance. 

We also manufacture hot wheels for folding carton and other applications that will heat the tape before it is placed into the application. 

Quik Adjust™ The sturdy, lightweight beam platform incorporates technical innovations for hassle-free dispensiing of our tape products - even in challenging environments. There is a common beam structure for all 3 models, but each offers differing levels of features allowing you to select the correct beam for your individual operation. 

Quik-Stage™ Dispenser that is designed to make the best use of manpower by pre-staging multiple product rolls.

Quik-Link™ Patented splicing system allows you to splice from roll-to-roll without slowing down your process. 

Enforcer™ Enforcer Application System is the only system to apply reinforcement on folding cartons in an in-line high speed intermittent fashion. 

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