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Case and Carton

Bring the proven advantages of our high performance packaging hot melt adhesives and trouble-free bonding to your packaging lines. Achieve better results and be confident that your packages will stay closed throughout the supply chain.

Case & Carton Products

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Advantra® True LT 9340 CONTACT US
Market: Packaging
Application: Case and Carton
Used For: Case, Wrap Around, Carton, Tray
Technology: Premium Hot Melt
    Features and Benefits:
      • Low application temperature adhsive based on approx. 40% bio-based materials
      • Strong bonding performance across a broad temperature range
      • Excellent machining for minmal maintenance

Advantra® True 9341 CONTACT US
Market: Packaging
Application: Case and Carton
Used For: Case, Wrap Around, Carton, Tray
Technology: Premium Hot Melt
    Features and Benefits:
    • Very strong, versatile all-rounder based on over 40% bio-based materials
    • Suitable for most applications including Freezer with a broad service temperature range
    • Excellent machining and clean running

Real time adhesive monitoring with the H.B. Fuller flow meter.

Real time adhesive monitoring with the H.B. Fuller flow meter.With the H.B. Fuller flow meter, we’ll scientifically monitor and collect data to give you a comprehensive analysis of your adhesive usage rates. This data will allow you to run your lines at the lowest cost and highest efficiency.

The flow meter can help reduce adhesive spend, increase accuracy, lower waste, and improve your bottom line.

  • Get accurate, repeatable results with larger sample sizes
  • Receive instantaneous feedback on adhesive use as optimization improvements are made
  • Eliminate errors associated with manual measurements
  • Understand consumption variances such as line speed fluctuations and shift changes

See how it helped an agricultural customer:
We brought the flow meter into an agricultural customer on the west coast to compare their current adhesive with a H.B. Fuller adhesive. The flow meter was able to give an accurate read to measure total adhesive consumption on 125 bonded trays.
The test results showed that the agriculture company was able to reduce their adhesive purchase by 23% by switching to a H.B. Fuller adhesive, which is estimated to be $39,330 per year.

Flow Meter Installation
The flow meter is installed between the hot melt tank and the hot melt applicator. The unit can be used to monitor adhesive usage per package through up to four hoses. This gives a more accurate snapshot of hot melt consumption on a specific machine.

The Test
The H.B. Fuller team began evaluations with the agricultural company’s current adhesive using the flow meter to collect real time data on the amount of adhesive being used with existing line configurations. Then the H.B. fuller team converted the line to an H.B. Fuller Clean Melt product where a similar evaluation was performed. From there, the team was able to track the amount of adhesive being applied per package. After modifying the line configurations and reducing the amount of inlet air pressure to demonstrate the aggressive hot tack and quick setting nature of the Clean Melt hot melt. The flow meter was able to demonstrate that the H.B. Fuller adhesive could be applied at a lower amount per tray without compromising tray strength and integrity, saving the customer $39,330 per year in estimated adhesive usage.

During the demonstration, it was noted that some of the tray forming machines had not yet been programmed to the stitch bead pattern from the single long bead pattern over the whole tray length. The chart below provides some insight into the cost savings realized when using the stitch pattern versus the long bead, all validated with real time data from H.B. Fuller’s flow meter.
The entire test took 3 hours from start to finish.

Flow Meter Specifications

  • +/- 2% accuracy
  • Designed to allow for line stoppages
  • Works for hot melts between 104°C - 392°C
  • 300 mPas to 2,000 mPas viscosity range
  • Specific density of hot melt is recorded at application temperature

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