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Materials Dispensing Equipment

H.B. Fuller's Materials Dispensing Equipment solutions include easy installation of automatic control components for multi-purpose production equipment. The machine temperature controller and I / O PORT allow the installation of automatic control components, such as a cylinder, gripper, vacuum nozzle, etc. in order to meet the needs of different types of production processes.This equipment features customized design and production to provide you with the most professional service, depending on your process design, such as clip fixture design CCD image detection, the amount of dispensing, issues warning special dispensing path program development.The equipment is compatible with all types of materials, including hot melt adhesive, UV glue, epoxy, red plastic, silver glue, two-component, COB black, conductive adhesive, cooling aluminum paste, and instant glue.

Our line of equipment solutions is designed with features that include:

  • Compatibility with any liquid
  • Capability for fine-line dispensing (200um with needle type G27 and G28)
  • Dual digital display with positive and negative pressure for easy reading and recording
  • Vacuum suck-back feature to ensure good dispensing quality and prevent dripping
  • “Teach” and “Save” modes
  • Ability to dispense in Manual, Automatic, or Preset Mode
  • Program Group Memory function
  • Timer accuracy up to 0.01 second
  • Input Power: 100 –24
  • Precise temperature control for accurate dispensing
  • Uniform heat to achieve stable viscosity
  • Unique heating design at the needle tip to prevent clogging

Download the "At-a-glance" (PDF-English)

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