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Clean Melt®
H.B. Fuller Cleanmelt™ adhesives on a cereal box

Clean Melt®

Simply Packed with Value™. You can contain costs and add value to your packaging process-with H.B. Fuller's Clean Melt® hot melt packaging adhesives.

About Clean Melt®

Clean Melt®  packaging hot melt adhesives are a family of high-performance, value-added hot melts developed with proprietary H.B. Fuller technology. The reliable performance and carefully crafted metallocene polymer formulations of Clean Melt PHC-8250 and PHC-8256 adhesives provide a well balanced cost/benefit ratio.

Versatile Clean Melt adhesives combine high mileage, low maintenance, and powerful productivity with robust adhesion to create exceptional value.

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Clean Adhesive Technology:

Clean Adhesive Technology
Maintains consistent light color Enhanced appearance of packages
Odor free User-friendly working environment
Resists viscosity gain Consistent application, more mileage
Performs without stringing and tailing Better looking packages and less downtime for maintenance
Resists gel and char Fewer blocked filters and nozzles, less waste and downtime, higher machine efficiency
Applies in precise intermittent (stitch) pattern More mileage and enhanced appearance of packages

High Performance Bonding:

High Performance Bonding
Resists bond failure at either low or high service temperatures Reduces waste, product returns and replacement costs
Adheres to many difficult substrates Fewer adhesives needed, less downtime for changing adhesives
Bonds with few, precise beads placed More mileage and compatibility with innovative adhesive application machines

Service Temperature Rance:
image of a chart for clean melt service temps



General Purpose Hot Melt Adhesive:

Products: PHC-8250 PHC-8256
Uses: Multi-purpose, good performance across broad service temperature range
–40°F up to 130°F *
Multi-purpose, good performance across broad service temperature range
–10°F up to 150°F *
Application / Substrates: Case and Carton Sealing, Tray Forming,
Frozen Foods
Case and Carton Sealing, Tray Forming,
Hot Fill
Open Time: short short
Setting Speed: fast fast
Application Temperature: 325° - 350°F 325° - 350°F
Softening Point: 229°F 219°F
Viscosity @ 300°F: 2400 cPs 2620 cPs
Viscosity @ 350°F: 1125 cPs 1250 cPs
Spec. Gravity: 0.96 0.96
Color: white white
Product Forms Available: pellets, pillows pellets, pillows

image of a clean melt phc-8250 drop


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Clean Melt® PHC 8202 CONTACT US
Market: Packaging
Application: Case and Carton
Used For: Case, Wrap Around, Carton, Tray, Straw Attachment, Sift Proof
Technology: Premium Hot Melt
    Features and Benefits:
    • All-round adhesive suitable for broad temperature range
    • Excellent machining and clean running

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