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Laminating Adhesives for Doors

Where form, function and style come together.

Front doors are the focal point of a homes curb appeal and interior doors are more than just a room separator; they define the décor and character of a room.

To meet the design expectations of today's market, the choice of materials and door styles are greater than ever. Door manufacturers know that design may be the focus of selecting a door but value and maintenance are also critical in the door selection criteria. Adhesives are a crucial ingredient in putting all the door components of a door together efficiently and securely to meet these high expectations. High standards don’t stop once a door is put together, today's adhesives are designed to pass fire ratings where every door must pass tests in order to be certified to prevent a fast spreading fire.

H.B. Fuller's expertise in door solutions starts with knowing the needs of the manufacturing process and understanding that the variety of materials and processes are the key qualifications to be able to utilize the high end performance features of door adhesives.  We have a complete line of adhesives proven over the years to meet a variety of materials, process types, and industry certifications. Our newest products improve efficiency of manufacture and build in broader end use performance benefits. Check out our complete line of door adhesives and fire component rated door adhesives which build in function with style.