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Hot Melts

About Hot Melts

 Thermoplastic hotmelt adhesives offer a variety of benefits compared to other adhesives technologies. Excellent adhesion, quick set and ease of use are just a few. Our hot melt adhesives span a wide range of polymer technologies and are critical enablers to a broad range of manufacturing and end-use product applications.

In packaging, converting, assembly, bookbinding, nonwovens, footwear and many other markets, hot melt glues and adhesives offer a critical advantage: fast processing. Unlike water-based or solvent-based adhesives, hot melt adhesives do not require drying. Hot melts begin bonding almost immediately after application, as they cool down to their solidification point. This fast solidification is ideal for use on highly automated manufacturing lines that require rapid bond formation.

Our deep technical knowledge, Global R&D laboratory capabilities and advanced materials drive innovative industrial adhesive solutions to manufacturing problems without sacrificing performance. Our Smartgrip™ and Advantra™ adhesives propelled the adhesive industry and the packaging market forward. These innovations use patented hot melt technology designed to advance the productivity of packagers. Hydrolock™ thermoplastic superabsorbent and Hydralert™ wetness indicating adhesives are unique, patented developments that provide targeted performance to enhance functionality and value. These are just a few examples that demonstrate our focus on forward-looking hot melt adhesive innovations to help you differentiate your products. 

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