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Creating Integrated Packaging Solutions with Adhesive Coated Technologies.

Over engineered packaging can lead to high material and production costs. Having the right design with targeted reinforcement is key to saving you money.

Our Adhesive Coated Solutions are designed to create more functionality, better performance and more sustainable packages. Our innovative tape technology creates solutions that can reduce damage, costs and create added functionality.

Sesame®Tape Technology Creates Integrated Packaging Solutions
Our cost-effective, fully integrated reinforcement and opening systems can be applied to a wide range of folding carton or corrugated packaging. They are designed to create better functionality in your boxes, optimal performance and more sustainable packaging. They are applied at the wet or dry end of the corrugator.
Packaging Handle Reinforcement 
Our integrated reinforcement technology improves packaging performance by adding strength to the critical stress points of a box.
  • Reduces board weight for more cost effective designs
  • Increases strength for optimized performance
  • Protects your package’s contents by reinforcing the hand holes with our reinforcement technology.  
Our solutions prevent catastrophic failures and ensure consumers get the product from the store to their homes safely and comfortably.
Packaging Reinforcement / Containment
Improve the overall performance of your bulk bins, shipping containers and heavy duty boxes
  • Increases stacking strength, compression strength and weight carrying capacity
  • Prevents vertical and horizontal failure
  • Decreases bulge and prevents burst
  •  Achieves cost savings through board weight reduction without sacrificing performance
  • Extends reuse of multi-trip containers
Retail Ready Packaging Solutions
We have several opening systems that create premium retail ready appearance, clean tear and consistent performance. Create easy access to package contents while building your brand image.
  • Convert your shipping container into an attractive display tray for a cost effective, retail ready packaging solution
  • Deliver a clean edge for brand enhancing shelf appearance
  • Eliminates knife-opening which can damage package contents
  • Provides consistent location for your marketing message
A Complete System for dispensing Sesame products
We design and manufacture patented equipment to dispense and apply our reinforcement and opening systems technologies. In addition, we install our equipment in your plant and provide you with on-going technical service and support. This ensures that you obtain optimum production levels. Our application equipment is designed for convenience and ease-of-use.
Look to us to be your global packaging solutions problem solver and provider. We work with manufacturers of packaging in the folding carton and corrugated board industry, as well as with their customers. With our technical expertise, we can create and implement a cost effective and sustainable solution tailored for your specific packaging needs.