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Conforma. Stretching your possibilities.

Open up new opportunities with our unique stretchable adhesive. Offering exceptional comfort, performance and cost-effectiveness, it’s the right fit for your business.

Traditional Stretch Engines

Introducing Conforma Adhesive

An extraordinary solution to an ordinary problem

Stress urinary incontinence is the most common form of incontinence among women. Research shows, that in the US, the condition reportedly affects 15 million adult women. In Europe, 15 percent of women in Spain, 32 percent in France, 32 percent in the UK and 34 percent in Germany experience urinary incontinence. Surprisingly, the median age of women with pure stress incontinence stands at around 47-48 years.

New possibilities for comfort and fit

There’s an increasing acceptance of the valuable role incontinence products now play in the physically active lifestyle of many adults and a corresponding rise in pressure for products that offer exceptional comfort and fit, as well as great performance. Innovation for comfort, combined with production benefits, Conforma makes possible new stretch materials that are an ideal fit for disposable underwear. Read our white paper and discover how Conforma makes cotton-like disposable underwear possible.

For a world of different shapes and sizes

Conforma helps create disposable undergarments that stretch with ease, adapting comfortably to a world of individual shapes and sizes. Its stretch memory supports ease of movement for all ages. It performs without tightness. It makes more comfortable products possible for the increasing number of larger sizes. View this presentation to learn more. 

A new generation of stretch, whatever the generation

Did you know that with Conforma, gathered material and associated bulk can be minimized to create more discreet products, so adult wearers can wear more underwear-like produces and caretakers of babies and young children can access more stylish products?

Grow faster with innovative stretch adhesives

At H.B. Fuller, we connect what matters to help your business grow. We can help you make thinner, drier, better fitting, more absorbent products a reality. And we’re not the only ones to be talking about it. With Conforma, we can help you gain a competitive advantage by opening up new design possibilities. Contact us today.

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